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Confessions of a Sysadmin

Brett Gustafson
Brett Gustafson

What is the biggest potential threat to your network that keeps you up at night? Is it an attack from North Korea? The latest Remote Code Execution Microsoft 0-day? You'd probably not expect things like your copier to be the cause of a compromise of your entire environment. In this talk, Brett will talk about sources of compromise such as these that aren't obvious since system administrators don't have the mindset of a hacker and often are not aware of how their decisions can affect their security posture. Using the lessons learned during his sysadmin experience and the perspective gained being a pentester, Brett will discuss security pitfalls that sysadmins are often unaware of. This talk will show how re-evaluating our security assumptions and adopting an attacker's mindset can help better safeguard our networks.

With over 15 years in the IT realm, Brett's transition from system administrator to ethical hacker has equipped him with invaluable insights into the ever-evolving threat landscape. As an OSCP and OSWP certified professional at Evolve Security, Brett specializes in network penetration testing, with a particular focus on Active Directory environments, social engineering campaigns, assumed breach assessments, and physical penetration testing.

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